What You Should Know About the Paris Catacombs Tour

27 Feb

The Paris catacombs are a unique and unusual attraction. If you have time, it is advisable that you consider visiting these Paris catacombs since it is a little creepy, exciting and awe-inspiring. This article will shed some light on how to ensure that you have fun when visiting this site in the right conditions. For your wellbeing and safety of this experience, there are certain essential precautions that you must take; discussed below.

First of all, you must be aware that the walk in the Paris catacombs is about two kilometres in length and the path can at times be a bit uneven and slippery. Since you will be walking for around forty-five minutes, make sure that you opt for practical and comfortable shoes. Since comfort is paramount, the ladies should forgo their heels for this venture.

You should also carry with you warm attire like a jacket since the temperatures can be cold underground. You should note that the toilets are located at the end of the tour. What this means is that you must ascertain that you visit the washrooms before getting inside the catacombs.

The individual who has claustrophobia should not be part of the people visiting the catacombs. Since you will have to travel for about thirty meters below the ground and cross a few narrow tunnels, the claustrophobics might feel very uncomfortable. These catacombs at https://theparisguy.com/tours/Paris/Paris-Catacombs-Tour-Skip-the-Line can also not be accessed easily by individuals with reduced mobility.

Usually, two hundred individuals are permitted inside at a go. Thus, you will have to wait for your turn. To avoid waiting, you should ensure that you purchase the tickets in advance. There are certain benefits of buying the ticket beforehand like you will enter directly, not queue and you will be presented with an audio guide. The charges that you will pay for tickets on the site will be higher than if you bought them before. To read more about the benefits of travels, go to https://www.britannica.com/topic/travel.

It is advisable that you maintain an open mind when visiting the Paris catacombs for a fun experience. When walking the alleys, you will view the remains of many Parisians who roamed the city just like you. Some of the things you will wonder about these people is their families, their lives, their identity and jobs; you will however not know anything that concerns them. You will also get to appoint of questioning your deeds and life in general. You will comprehend that we are all not eternal; we all die some time since we are made of flesh and bone. Know about The Paris Guy here!

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